Can Chatbots Help E-commerce is helping in the increasing sales

The only constant in the e-commerce industry is changing. The kingdom of e-commerce is constantly expanding the path for many markets and retailers nationally and internationally. From the purchase of clothing to the order of food, e-commerce has become an important part of everyone’s life.

Although this industry broadens the horizon for many retailers and most of them compete with each other, day by day the competition is getting tougher than ever. E-commerce store owners always look for a USP that is made to be in front of the crowd.

If you want your e-commerce brand to be successful and differentiate it from the rest, you should promote a better shopping experience and optimize a wide array of customer interactions. Thanks to Chatbots, you can do all these things easily.

Before discussing how chatbots help e-commerce companies increase profits, let me first tell you what chatbot really is.

A chatbot is a software that interacts with users, answers questions, manages particular requests, etc. in a conversation format, in support and user interface languages ​​such as voice, text, etc. and graphical user interface such as images, buttons, menus, etc.

Simply put, chatbots act as an indispensable tool, allowing companies to interact with customers in a personalized way.

Aharsh MS, marketing director and co-founder of Accubits Technologies Inc., believes that chatbots applications are simply endless and growing day by day.

“Chatbots are evolving, improving everyday and changing the face of e-commerce with a new and better shopping experience for customers.

From replacing live chats to providing users with a personalized virtual store experience, chatbots help make an even purchase how and how an employee would perform in the store, ”Aharsh said.

Now, let’s talk about how chatbots help e-commerce companies communicate with their target audience, provide customer support, recommend products and boost sales. Here are three ways in which chatbots help e-commerce companies.

Improve customer interaction

According to a study by Sprout Social, nearly 89% of messages asking for a response are ignored by brands, with an average wait of 10 hours for those receiving a response, although consumers expect a response in four. That’s where the bots come from.

Here are 4 key ways in which chatbots can improve the customer interaction process in an e-commerce store:

When you are a conversation assistant, chatbots identify consumer requirements and give each conversation a personalized feeling. In fact, AI-driven chatbots make customers feel like they are talking to someone.

This is because chatbots recognize each client’s writing pattern and make a conversation accordingly.

Chatbots act as sellers of any brick and mortar store. They store a buyer’s story, and each time that particular buyer reviews the store, he suggests products with the title “You may also like this.”

Chatbots act as customer service executives and meet individual customer demands in the best way possible, while saving time for both customers and providers.

EBay ShopBot is an ideal chatbot example that provides a fantastic customer experience as a virtual commercial assistant and, as a result, generates excellent sales.

Stay available to customers 24/7/365

Consumers can have a conversation with chatbots or ask anything at any time for as long as they want because chatbots never sleep. They are available 24/7 and 365 days. They can provide solutions to basic product questions and not feel overwhelmed if several questions occur at the same time.

Manage your online store seamlessly

In addition to communicating with customers, live chatbots can be programmed to track inventory in your store, allowing you and your customers to know a specific item that can be sold from your online store.

They can be scheduled to help customers know that the products they are looking for become available again.

In summary, chatbots help business operations, saving a great deal of time and effort in managing your online store.


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