6 Sneaky Ways Your Competitors  is making and keeping ahead

Online marketing is not the kind of thing that only matters in certain industries or businesses. Regardless of who you are or what you sell, you can assume that your competitors are using digital channels, probably more than one, to reach the same target audience you are looking for.

In fact, competition is fierce for all of us, and we must be prepared for it.

Especially when you start to succeed, your competition will notice. You are likely to end up with a trail of competing imitators after each move to your marketing team. It may even attract some outright malicious competitors who are actively trying to damage their campaigns and property.

Fortunately, when you know that the spies are coming for you and your strategy, you have time to prepare a shock meter or two. These are just some of his tactics, and some things he can do to make them effective.

 Play content imitators.

One of the simplest ways in which competitors can try to get ahead of their success is by following and replicating their content strategies. Any salesperson can follow their content to try to overthrow their strategy engineers.

Maybe you’ve seen a competitor repeatedly cover something on his blog a week after you, or maybe they’ve started a weekly video series using a format that recalls worrying in your own program.

However, he is intelligent.

Because the content is publicly available, its visibility facilitates tracking. For example, BuzzSumo’s search tools allow you to identify which pieces of content are most popular in any publication and with which social platforms. Once competitors have this information, they can try to mimic that specific content.

To gain an advantage that you cannot touch, focus on creating high quality “10x content” with a brand touch that cannot be replicated.

They use click farms to waste their money.

Competitors who are not satisfied with just copying it can also actively reduce the results of their marketing campaigns. For example, they may go after your search budget.

It is very easy for a company to hire a click firm to take advantage of its advertising and reduce its budget, and sites that pay dollars for many of the thousands of clicks. And that’s just a form of online advertising fraud, which will cost $ 19 billion this year.

To protect your brand and budget, fraud protection software can stop fake clicks on your ads before your media budget decreases.

This type of artificial intelligence solution integrates with your Google AdWords and Bing Ads accounts to identify offensive IP addresses and prevent them from even seeing your campaign.

They follow winning media trips.

Web media, like content, are easy to follow for competitors. After all, maximum discovery ability is one of the main reasons why the means they have become are so desirable.

From getting coverage through publications and podcasts to working with influential people, competitors can follow their coverage and present those same media. Online monitoring tools go through multiple channels at the same time, an alert for your brand to become “to-do” list.

But, as with the copy of content discussed above, your company’s press story may not be perfectly replicated. This speaks to the core values ​​of public relations.

When you find a story that resonates, you can begin to analyze each press hit as a springboard, and you can attract a caliber of media contact that imitators cannot reach.

They hired the hackers to tear it up.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to play copy or use farm clicks, sometimes competitors might try to damage your website, which is essentially your storefront. In this case, there is much more to risk than the daily advertising you spend.

Non-serious weapons, such as DDoS attacks can shut down your business to customers and can cost anywhere from $ 14,000 to millions of dollars in damages.

It is important to protect your business by making sure your servers are as secure as possible. Use protection and prevention tools, and configure your firewall to protect against DDoS attacks.


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